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SunFab Hydraulics

Sunfab hydraulic pumps and motors, variable displacement pumps, high pressure piston pumps, dual flow piston pumps, and pumps for operating mobile hydraulic equipment such as snowplows, spreaders, concrete mixers, garbage trucks, dump trucks and tankers. SAE and DIN pump shafts are available. Sold by Progressive Power & Control

Sunfab Variable Flow Pumps

Sunfab SVH model mobile hydraulic pump is a variable axial piston pump for load sensing systems and made for direct installation on the truck's power take off unit. Sunfab SVH is for use on forestry cranes, general cargo cranes, suction vehicles, garbage collection vehicles, sludge pump trucks, refuse collection trucks and applications with snowplows and salt spreaders, etc. The Sunfab SVH is a load-sensing variable pump for truck hydraulics and is also suitable for conventional mounting with an intermediate shaft.

Sunfab Dual Flow Pumps

A versatile and cost-effective solution when compared to two pumps and a drive gearbox. Fitted with a torque limiting valve, it can supply a small flow at high pressure or a combined large flow at a lower pressure.

Sunfab dual-flow pump models:

  • SC 56/26 By-Pass DIN/SAE
  • SC 75/75 DIN
  • SC 56/26 DIN/SAE
  • SC 56/26 By-Pass DIN
  • SL 20/20-64/32 DIN
  • SL 220/20-264/32 DIN
  • SL 540/20-564/32 SAE

Sunfab Single Flow Pumps - Piston Pumps for Mobile Applications

Sunfab The Compact Line has been developed to offer high maximum rpm, high pressure, high efficiency, low noise level and to occupy a very small mounting space. Sunfab single-flow pump models:

  • Pump SC 012-108 DIN: fixed flow pumps with the European DIN input shafts
  • Pump SC 5012-5108 SAE: fixed flow pumps with American SAE input shafts (7/8” x 13 spline) for up to 64cc and (1 ¼ x 14 spline) for 84cc and up.
  • Pump SCT 090, 130 DIN: deliver increased flow at lower RPM for mobile applications requiring durable pumps with consistent performance.
  • Pump SCP 012-130 ISO: bigger, stronger and longer lasting bearings available in DIN, SAE and Keyed Shaft options.

Sunfab Hydraulic Motors - Piston Motors for Mobile Applications

Sunfab Compact Motor is an efficient piston motor specially suited for truck hydraulics. Sunfab Hydraulic Motor models:

  • Motor SCM 012-130 ISO
  • Motor SCM 012-130 SAE
  • Motor SCM 047-108 M2
  • Motor SCM 012–034 SAE B2

Sunfab Accessories

  • By-Pass Valves
  • Injectors
  • Splitter Gearboxes
  • Oil Tanks
  • Diode Gates
  • Strainers
  • Pressure Relief Valves
Variable Flow Hydraulic Pump by Sunfab

Sunfab Variable Flow Hydraulic Pump

Dual Flow Hydraulic Pump by Sunfab

Sunfab Dual Flow Hydraulic Pump

Single Flow Hydraulic Pump by Sunfab

Sunfab Single Flow Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic Motor by Sunfab

Sunfab Hydraulic Motor